Underwriting Services

Align is an underwriting company at its core. The name “Align” was chosen because of management’s fundamental belief that the interests of the parties in an insurance transaction must be “aligned” if there is to be a mutually profitable and sustainable business relationship.

The majority of Align’s senior management team has had balance sheet responsibility at an insurance company or other risk-taking enterprise. As such, the need to generate consistent and outsized underwriting margins for the Company’s carrier partners is part of Align’s DNA and is central to our approach to developing and managing insurance programs. Align hires only proven underwriting talent to underwrite and manage its programs.

As a business, Align is managed and structured very similarly to an insurance company. Align manages its program portfolios in the same way an insurer would manage them for itself. Align is highly data driven and completely transparent about its business. Detailed reports are generated immediately after month close and actuarial analyses are typically produced two or more times annually for each of the Company’s programs. Align employs an aggressive schedule for pricing reviews on its programs and believes very simply in being ahead of the curve when making pricing adjustments.

Align is considered by its carrier partners to be a quality “underwriting shop” that puts the financial well-being of its insurers ahead of its own.